The Age of the Internet

I woke up this morning and the internet access in my house was down. I tried the usual unplugging of the ‘box’, switching it on and off, and then gave up. I quickly got ready, and then drove to college where there is reliable WiFi. However, I arrived on campus around midday to find that the reliable had become the unreliable – the internet was down there too. Since I was two hours early for a meeting, I met a friend and we went for lunch, expecting the service to be back online soon. By 3pm, I decided to give up and go home to work from there. On the way back I stopped for petrol, and realised my phone had lost it’s 3G. Disaster. This just wasn’t my day for being online!

So on the 40 minute drive home, I got to thinking about the need for internet that my generation has, and indeed that I have. Constantly checking my Facebook and Twitter,  email, apps, blogs. I’ll call a friend, she’ll miss my call and text me back. I’ll Whatsapp her, and she will write on my Facebook wall. I’ll Tweet her and she will email me. I’ll never print off directions to places anymore, instead relying on my phone’s GPS system. ‘To Google’ is now a verb in the dictionary. With 3G on almost all phones and a lot more devices these days, you literally have to make an effort to disconnect.

I remember a simpler time, when I would call someone on their landline  arrange a time and place to meet up and then…just see them there. Sure, there were problems with that method too as there was no way of getting touch if something happened or plans had to change. Indeed it is still like this in a number of countries, as they have not jumped on the technology bandwagon yet. I wonder if this reliance on internet is a good thing, or not. Sure I need it, I want it, but is it healthy to feel that way? Just how would the world manage without this technology, how would we survive?

Luckily the internet is back working in my house, and my phone is now sorted. What would I do otherwise!


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