Twitter for Business

Twitter has had a huge impact on the world. It has several benefits that no other social networking sites have; it announces new stories as they break, you can interact with famous people and feel connected with the world.  Twitter can be used to enhance social media, online and overall presence within its market and too its existing and potential customer base. You may be a B2B or B2C organisation, or you may just be looking to enhance your digital footprint. With 350 million tweets sent every day, the 140 character limit blogging site appears to be slowing for nobody.

As I am (relatively) new to Twitter, I’m still learning about the importance of it and how it can benefit your business. I’m currently working on two accounts; one personal, and one for a company business account that I have responsibility for. I’m trying to build them both up by partaking in various daily activities to improve my accounts. Essentially there are three goals for Twitter accounts;

– Building up following and followers by having a ratio of 3:1

– Tweeting an acceptable amount of times – typically 4-6 times a day

– Improving your influence score on Peer Index, Klout and other such websites.

This top 7 twitter tips list will really help you to grasp the power of the micro blogging phenomenon that is Twitter, and help you understand just why you should be on this Twitter bandwagon.

1. Increase Awareness of your Brand – Getting your name out there is vital in today’s world. Having an online presence can get a conversation going about your brand.

2. Reputation – If people are talking about your brand, whether it is positive or negative, you need to know about it. The last thing your business needs is consumers saying negative things and for you not to be able to respond, and that goes with positive too! These interactions can save negative encounters and turn them into a trusting relationship.

3. Shameless Promotion – If people are following you, it’s probably because they want to know what you have to say. Give them loads of things to talk about; blogs, presentations, videos.

4. Latest Industry Trends – If you’re following people from your industry, your account can tell you more about the latest trends than the news can.

4. Keeping up with your Competitors – Twitter is a good way of figuring out what your competitors are up to, and who is interested in their brand.

5. ‘Borrowing’ Competitor’s Followers – If they’re interested in your competitors, there could be some conversion going on as you convert them to your brand!

6. Access to VIPs – Twitter is literally full of all kinds of people, and you have a direct line to most of them. Think about who you want to talk to, and get chatting. From pop stars to SMEs to CEO’s, they’re all online.

7.  Increased Website Traffic – People will be likely to visit your site after seeing your website on your Twitter. You can also increase your organic SEO this way.

So – in a nutshell. If you’re not on the Twitter Train, you’d best get on and get it sorted. Or, just hire me and I’ll do it for you 🙂


– List Blogging


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