Google+ For Employment

Google+ is the second most popular social network behind Facebook in terms of interaction. Use the fact that not everyone is using it to your advantage, as you are more likely to be noticed. Employers are more likely to have people engaging with them on other social networks but not Google+, so it’s easier to draw their attention to you.

Have a professional profile photo as employers will want to know who you are for engagements. Your profile photo should reflect how you will look in a professional environment.




Profile Picture

Include all of your employment history and education, as well as awards and anything else you think should go up there. This way, your details and history are easily accessible to potential employers.


Employment and Education details are vital

New Communities – join in your skills sector or industry area and network  which is a good way to prepare for interviews too.


Join new Communities

Use Hangouts – one of the best features on Google+. Let the employer know you’re into new technologies.


Start a Hangout

Engagement is really important as it can help to get you to know employers and they can get to know you Add everyone to your circles and network



Your presence on Google+ isn’t about being on a social network, but about your identity across all of Google’s products. Search, blogger, YouTube, Gmail – you’re going to be found across all of these products. Make sure you’re on brand and you’re putting your best foot forward.

Good luck!


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