Facebook Etiquette

I was reading an article on a website today that had me almost annoyed. More irritated I suppose. It was called the ‘11 Things You Need to Immediately Stop Doing on Facebook‘. As the title suggests, it discusses issues that I can see irks more people than just me. These basic pet peeves that I have for Facebook, or indeed the users, or indeed… my friends, has me blocking people from my news feed left, right and center and on a daily basis.

I use Facebook much more personally than any other social media site. I catch up with old friends, I keep in touch with friends who do not live in the same area as me, and finally…yes, I’ll admit it – I do a little creeping to see what’s going on in people’s lives. But sure, isn’t that what it is for? If your ‘friends’ didn’t want you to see how great their Saturday night was, or how excited they are to be out for drinks, they simply just wouldn’t post if for all to see. As a result, I’m ok with admitting I’m a creep. I’m just very grateful it’s not like LinkedIn and they can’t see me actually do it. And in my defense, I’m not on it that often. I promise. Only every so often…(*cough*).

So in light of the above, I am going to suggest a basic Facebook etiquette for people to be aware of. Whether they adhere to it is one thing, but at least I’m putting it out there. I’m going to try not to rant too much, but these are just things I’m always aware of and they are outrageously annoying to me. These offences will get you blocked from my news feed or indeed, deleted from my page. So beware!

Offence #1

Terrible App Requests – Candy Crush is the one that kills me. A few years ago, it was Farmville. Yes, now you all know how I feel. No, I don’t care how many points you have. No, I don’t care what level you’re on. No, I do NOT want to play with you. So please stop asking. Thanks. And that goes for all silly Facebook games.

Offence #2

Bad Grammar and Spelling – PLEASE can you learn how to spell ‘you’. You’re making yourself look silly by using ‘text speech’ online. There isn’t a word limit, so there isn’t a need to ‘hav bad gramr – f i cn spel proprly u cn 2’.

Offence #3

Hashtags # – Yes, I’ve heard the rumor that Facebook will soon bring in Hashtags, but they aren’t in just yet. #SoCalmDown and #StopUsingThem. There’s just no need.

Offence #4

‘Why does life always have to go this way, I’m so upset right now’ – Stop your cryptic moaning. If you’re that upset, you wouldn’t be posting it on Facebook. And you certainly wouldn’t be dismissing your friends when they enquire about your problem with ‘It’s ok hun, I just need to sort things out’. STOP BEING CRYPTIC. Thanks. And by the way, you’ll get a much better response to your posts if you write something positive. Little tip for you there.

Offence #5

‘Like and share to win’ competitions – Seriously, you’re not going to win. Stop spamming my news feed with your plebbyness.

Offence #6

‘Ornaith is at Porterhouse’ – Listen. Mate. If you’re out with your friends, get off Facebook. Stop uploading photos and tagging yourself in places. Go have the craic with real people.

And, as I’ve been ranting a little (!) I have decided to post a little on what is great to see on Facebook to counteract my negativity and make you like me again.

Delight #1

Photos of your holiday – Yes, you’re abroad. Yes, I’m jealous. YES! I want to see everything that you’re doing. I’m excited for you. Fair play. Ironically, these kind of posts are supposed to make people depressed as they compare their own lives to others. But I like them, so keep ’em coming!

Delight #2

Posting once a day (or less) with good quality content – Yeah buddy! High Five! Yes I will like your post!

Delight #3

Funny videos – Sometimes you just need a humorous animal to brighten up your day.

Delight #4

Positivity – If something excellent has happened to you, I’m delighted for you. As a self-confessed creep, I’m glad you’re telling me in my news feed. Good on ya pal!

So, there you have it. I know there are a lot more offences but I decided to go easy on you. Seriously. I did, and you know it.


– Evangelist Blogging



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