Bad Grammar, Bad Business?

After my last post on Facebook Etiquette, I received a lot of feedback on the point I made about bad grammar and spelling. I had written how  irritating it is to see people ‘rite lyk dis’ in my news feed. My point was very basic. Back in the day when you had to save your credit and could only fit 160 characters into a text – that’s when that style writing was acceptable. But now, 10+ years on, people seem to have forgotten how to write correctly. But sadly, using ‘u’ instead of ‘you’, ‘2’ instead of ‘two’ is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, after receiving numerous comments on ‘how gud mi lst post wuz’ – (their words, not mine), and having great fun pretending to write incorrectly for a bit, I started to notice a few companies using Facebook for their business who write horrendously through their social media interactions. For this post I actually have one particular company in mind, but won’t name them as it just seems unnecessary. I am sure we all know of at least one.

This particular company do a lot of their bookings through social media. They are a beauty salon based out of Dublin, and have set up their Facebook page as a personal page rather than business. They have almost 2,000 friends, presumably in the area but unfortunately I cannot see their stats due to the page set-up. They interact mostly through Facebook, and their Twitter account isn’t worth mentioning as they don’t use it. They have a lot of daily deals and special offers to communicate, and appear to do good business. I am taking a guess when I say this, but there appears to be two people using the Facebook account to interact with the customers. I have come to this conclusion by the fact that sometimes their grammar is excellent, and sometimes it’s woeful. Good detective work anyway on my side. The new Sherlock Holmes.

I think they have some great offers in the salon, and some really fantastic deals. It seems like you really need to book far in advance to get an appointment so they’re obviously really busy. However, I personally would be wary of using their services. I feel that they are cheapening their brand and their products by interacting that way on the internet. I can very sure that all of the employees have excellent qualifications and are extremely capable of doing their jobs, yet the use of bad grammar and bad spelling makes it appear the opposite. I would be tempted to use some of their more common services such fake tanning on a normal night out if a good offer was available, yet for the more important events I would go to a different salon that I now perceive as ‘more reputable’. I certainly would never use them for anything delicate like waxing – I just wouldn’t trust them to do the job safely. While I understand that they are targeting a ‘certain’ market in a ‘certain’ area, I truly believe that they are alienating other markets in the respect that they are discrediting their services. Writing well on social media doesn’t segregate or cause any harm, so what’s the harm in doing it?

I have no way of telling if it will hurt their cash flow in the short-term, but I am confident it will injure their brand in the long run. Once the damage is done, it will be difficult to undo, if not impossible. So, just be aware and watch this space for I will be watching them.


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