A group of Irishwomen working in the online sector have banded together to be “change makers” in the digital economy. DigiWomen is a term has been coined recently to gather women from all digital communities – from online retailing and marketing to design, training, software, web, mobile app development and social media. The target market is SMEs with an online presence, lead by females.

The purpose of DigiWomen is to deliver a vibrant, interactive platform for professional women in the digital industry, to support like-minded females across the industry and to help each other grow to achieve maximum potential. The research undertaken tells them that women who start their own businesses have a tremendous appetite to learn be inspired, and are incredibly open to talking to other women and learning from other women.

This social enterprise intends to play the part in bringing female entrepreneurs to the fore in the digital marketing industry in Ireland. They are aiming to  provide by a series of practical & visible projects to educate and inspire women to become active thought leaders in their areas of expertise. It’s estimated that Ireland’s digital economy will double in the next three years and the group are looking to build strong networks around this.

Despite the title,men are not excluded from the events. DigiWomen is not about ‘playing fair’ and men are very welcome to attend the events, it’s really about maximising a business opportunity. They aim to inspire, encourage and support female-led SMEs, so that they can draw on the enormous pool of female insights, talent and experiences that offer a complementary skill set to that of their male counterparts. DigiWomen held their first group event at Dublin’s Mansion House 16th April 2013, where entrepreneurs working in digital could network and help each other towards success.

I’m greatly looking forward to watching this trend progress, and seeing how far the DigiWomen will go.

Follow the discussions on Twitter #DigiWomen or @DigiWomenIRL

Or access their website and sign up to their newsletter; http://digi-women.com/


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