Traditional vs Digital

I have found that the most searched terms used to find my blog center around traditional and digital marketing. It would seem that there isn’t clarity between the two and I would like to address that, but in very simple terms. However, instead of separating the two, I’d like to address them together.

In the rush to drive ‘Likes’ and Tweets, it is easy to forget that the term “digital marketing” did not even exist 10-15 years ago. Often, traditional tactics are overlooked in favour of the online approach, even though traditional is still an effective way to motivate desired behaviors among consumers.

I do feel the need to point out at this stage that my knowledge on traditional marketing is substandard. My undergraduate degree in business included traditional marketing modules, but my Masters degree was solely based on the digital marketing world. However lacking my knowledge base may be, I see the continuing need to integrate the two methods and differentiate brands by offering seductive solutions to consumers across all channels. The most effective marketing strategies are those that incorporate both traditional and digital elements into a combined package that can get the attention of the consumer.

As a result, general conversation needs to be shifted to focus on how the two channels work together, as well as how marketers can leverage the best both channels have to offer.

Digital has emerged in recent years as a cost-effective way to drive marketing results. However, traditional methods can help amplify and take campaigns to the next level. The combination of the two give marketers an opportunity to engage consumers holistically. Traditional marketing presents a highly effective way to reach a broad consumer audience, whereas digital marketing can be used to create a relationship with the consumer that has depth and relevancy. Marketers should use the wider reach traditional marketing channels present to generate broad awareness and drive consumers to the digital experience.

Traditional marketing is also a very effective way to target customer audiences based on demographic information like location or age, as well as interests and lifestyle. Digital can take that one step further as it enables marketers to instantly customize the experience and communication in real time. Personalized messages on social channels like Facebook give marketers the ability to target consumers based on the information they share.

Essentially, a brand needs to work out how the channels will work for them and why. Both methods can be used effectively together without an ‘either or’ situation. The key thing for marketers is the knowledge that they can use this to their advantage to plan effectively.




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