All About Ornaith

I am an ambitious and driven individual who has a strong background in all areas of the hospitality sector. Trained and excelled in multiple roles with a market leader, can demonstrable multi-functional skill-set that has been recognised by senior management in each role to date. I am currently adding to my skill set by completing a Masters in Digital Marketing, with a view to working in the digital industry.

I am completing another portfolio of the digital kind which includes blogging, video marketing, infographics, social networks and media aggregators. Display advertising, virtual worlds and augmented reality are also approached in the portfolio. I am working alongside SME’s, charities and start-ups to complete PPC, social media, and GOMC campaigns for them, among other things.

Through the undertaking of a module called Digital Mechanics and Authorship, which is the only one of the kind in the country, I am honing my skills in such areas as social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite) Email Marketing Campaigns, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation, and Search Engine Advertising. With my own learning, I am discovering how to exploit these social networks to get the most out of them personally and for business.

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One thought on “All About Ornaith

  1. That is a quite impressive about section! I have enjoyed reading what I have read thus far and look forward to what you share in the future. I may even ask for a thought or two and some advice at some point if you would be willing to share such. I look forward to seeing you expand and conquer the marketing aspects of social media. Thank you for your support on my pages! 🙂 Joe

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