Portfolio Woes

So college us almost over (yipee!). Only another 4 months to go – not so bad. Two semesters of class down, countless assignments submitted. Only two portfolios left to hand in before I begin my final project of the summer, my practicum. Once June 10th arrives, I no longer see the MSc as a threat. I see it as defeated. It’s plain sailing from there until September. But until then, I need to overcome my fear of portfolios.

Most people in my year have one portfolio – 4 themes, 10 parts to each theme, with an additional 5 essays to write ‘overall’. that’s maximum 45 essays, 1,500 words each (roughly), approximately 67,500 words. To give us stuff to write on, all year the class has been attending conferences, taking exams, teaching old people, as each ‘part’ requires a task. My tasks have varied from a homework club with disadvantaged children to learning Chinese. The variety is supposed to grow me as a person, and I suppose help me get a job after this. I’m sure we will see about that.

In addition to that one, a few of us have another portfolio to complete, a Digital one. This one isn’t so large. 8 tasks, an additional ‘overall’ essay, 1,500 words each. Roughly 13,500 words. Not so bad compared to the other one, but infinitely more stressful as this is the one I really care about, as it is the one to help me get a job.

In total, between now and June 10th, I’ve 54 essays to submit, with 81,000 words. To put that into perspective – for my undergraduate degree, I wrote a Thesis worth 10 credits, 10,000 words. These two portfolios are only worth roughly 13 credits together. Actually, it’s horrendous when I think of it this way so I may have to go off and cry now.

The Scream

The Scream

Literally, cannot wait for June!


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